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Course Description

Pregnancy and postpartum are two wonderful phases in a women's life.Such an extraordinary time cannot be distorted by the lack of simple information. This course will lay a foundation on ahara(food), Yoga and Dhinacharya(daily routine).

We not only make the moms aware of western science but we also interpret the ancient recommendations useful with the modern science.

Such a practice enables us with a healthy mom(mentally and physically) in turn leading to healthy, happy  baby.Our course will also cover all about Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum. You will finish this module inspired to support your motherhood with an excellent health and a great mental balance.

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Course Objectives

  • Create optimal health through yoga and nutrition

  • Release your fear and doubts related child birth and beyond

  • Work your mind- body connection

  • Learn how to release endorphin through pranayama

  • Learn to cope with phases of labour and delivery through visualization

  • All the vedic practices to care for your body, your baby's body after the delivery

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Topics Covered

  • Adapting Ahara and vihara for Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Nutrition

  • Abhyanga

  • Dhinacharya

  • Asanas along with Pranayamas

  • Guided meditation for healthy preganancy

  • All about your body and labour managment (Interventions and medications)

  • Breastfeeding

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