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Antenatal class

Pregnancy and postpartum are two wonderful phases in a women's life.Such an extraordinary time cannot be distorted by the lack of simple information. This course will lay a foundation on ahara(food), Yoga and Dhinacharya(daily routine).
We not only make the moms aware of western science but we also interpret the ancient recommendations useful with the modern science.
Such a practice enables us with a healthy mom(mentally and physically) in turn leading to healthy, happy  baby.Our Course also  cover  all about Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum.You will finish this module inspired to support your motherhood with an excellent health and a great mental balance.

Mother and Baby
Fitness for future mothers

Prenatal Yoga

This module covers all about Yoga asana,nutrition,meditation and pranayama. Asanas are psycho-physiological unlike other physical exercises that are purely external.Each asana works on the entire system,revitalizing all the vital organs and also generate internal consciousness. We insist that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together for a healthy pregnancy and labor.

Postnatal Yoga

After delivery,we encourage physical and mental rest for the  mother.We recommend asanas after 30 days of delivery.This class covers all the asanas that work on your entire body stimulating lactation production and contract the  abdominal and pelvic muscles to their former shape.Yoga is a culture of body,mind and soul therefore helping to  stabilizing your mind keeping the postpartum trauma and depression at bay.

Mother and Baby
Mudra Meditation

One to One session(virtual)

Please get in contact for further informations on virtual sessions.