Antenatal class

"As you sow,so shall you reap"
A woman who looks after her health will reap the reward by having a healthy pregnancy and delivery.So its absolutely essential for the pregnant woman  to maintain both her physical and mental well-being  for her own sake and for the sake of the child within.This class covers all about  body, labour , yoga ,postpartum and breastfeeding.This ensure you to enjoy your divinity of motherhood.

Happy Baby

course objectives

  • Create optimal health through yoga and nutrition

  • Release your fear and doubts related child birth and beyond

  • Work youur mind- body connection

  • Learn how to release endorphin through pranayama

  • Learn to cope with phases of labour and delivery through visualization

  • All the vedic practices to care for your body ,your baby's body after the delivery.

Flower Selection

Topic Covered

  • Adapting Ahara and vihara for Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Nutrition

  • Abhyanga

  • Dhinacharya

  • Asanas along with Pranayamas

  • Guided meditation for healthy preganancy

  • All about your body and labour managment (Interventions and medications)

  • Breastfeeding.