About Us

Motherhood is a divinity and mothers are the angels.

For such a beautiful role women has to be strong and flexible both physically and mentally. The child's personality takes shape in the womb and its very much influenced by the mother state of mind.Therefore whatever a pregnant woman sees,hear,tastes,smells should be nourishing for both the mother and child.

We at Mantra  knowing its importance sparkle and

 educate the reality on pregnancy, labour, postpartum, yoga and compelling lifestyle changes.

We not only concentrate on convenient approach but also on vedic text and

yogic knowledge to stabilize her from within making her motherhood joyful and understand the perspective behind the creation of the creator.



   I am Preethi Sundar.I am a professionally certified child birth educator and also qualified yoga Instructor with the experience of 500 hours from Integal Yoga Institute.I am also trained to handle differently able children.As a passion towards yogic science,I have been to schools to mold the younger minds.

  An Insight into  yoga has bought me a revelation to vedic science.When vedic knowledge is incorporated with convinient medicine,the benefits and experience what the mother's would achieve are numerous.

 The Goal of Mantra is to make motherhood joyful and understand the reality behind the creation of the creator.


                Divinity of the Motherhood.